Friday, October 15, 2010

Things that I adore. And I hope you do too.

Naps on a Sunday afternoon. Curling up next to you and you feel warm. I can hear your heart beat.

Taking a bath before bedtime. The skin on my feet gets wrinkly from soaking in the water for too long.

The sound of the city or the television humming. They both put me to sleep.

Waking up to make pancakes in my kitchen. Especially if we use cookie cutters to make pancake shapes.

Breakfast in bed is even better.

Road Trips because we feel like it. I hug you in the driver's seat at the Shell Station, I feel like a teenager.

Celebrations for any reason.

Clean white t-shirts~especially when you wear them.

You, welcoming me home with a smile at the airport.

The ringlets my hair naturally forms when I don't brush it.

My bubble gum pink lipstick makes me feel alive and pretty.

A beautifully wrapped gift. Waiting for me at the front door.

De~ja~vu because it's fun to figure out where I have experienced this feeling before.

Most of the population still calls us "kids". I'd rather be young & wise.

Window shopping and daydreaming.

I Love Lucy.

My orange tabby cat Sprite~especially when she gets fat.

Jet lag. It's exciting because you only have it when you travel to a mysterious & far away place.

You, throwing your arms around me in the kitchen while I cook. Especially when it's a surprise.

Sprinkles. On almost anything sweet.

Indian Summers.

But I love fall. Nothing is better than to sit and watch the leaves whirl around indecisively.

A compliment from a complete stranger.

Comfortable Silence.

The mystery and romance of tomorrow.

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