Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Romantic Picnic in The Park

Yesterday, (and I still can't believe it still isn't today) I was 31 years old, but still looked like I was in my twenties. It was a fall day in Wisconsin.  Unusually warm, in the seventies. I was at that in between place in my life having just moved out of California and trying to adjust to the small town life for a little while.  A bright vintage diamond ring on my finger, engaged to Dan.  Just bought "the" wedding dress earlier this week. 

Our romantic rendezvous in the park.
The name of the park doesn't matter.
It's just this time in our lives that matters.

The color of the leaves changing.  I can't stop staring at the leaves.  For the past few years I've been so concentrated on palm trees and the Pacific Ocean that I have forgotten the feeling of wanting to jump into a pile of leaves and play.
Laying on a picnic blanket under a willow tree, eating heart shaped peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
Dan & I together.  Watching the bride across the pond take pictures with her groom.
Laying on top of Dan, Dan on top of the blanket. The sun was catching his eyes just right so they were sparkly blue.  The roses Dan brought for me resting up against the tree.

This was one of our "moments" that we'd remember forever.
The moment before we kiss after sweet vows proclaimed in front of our families.
Before Mr. & Mrs.
Before we launch our very much earned and hopeful careers.
Before the baby bump, I am predicting probably not as expected.
Before the dream house near the city.
Before raising a family.
Before the gray hairs or the crows feet..or the beer belly!

This was one of those dates we will talk about when we are lucky enough to grow old together.

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  1. so precious :) yes you do look not a day older than 21... and you two radiate together - love how happy you are!