Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.......

This month has been oh so gloomy.
I feel like I've been in a cloudy tornado-esque haze.

One reason might be that I battled a tornado-like storm last week.
I have never really seen anything like this storm, it was unforgiving.
I woke up to complete darkness on a Friday morning. At 9am it was dark and quiet in my 100 year old house. Until the winds started blowing and bending the trees in half.

I had to run for cover as quick as possible.  I hid out in my parents' dark basement amidst sticky cob webs and in a wet puddle of who knows what. At one point I thought I was stuck in the basement because I couldn't find the door handle to get out. The storm crept up so quickly that I didn't have time to grab anything other than my cat and my Iphone.

I was all alone. My parents were gone.  I had no idea if they were okay because I knew they were traveling.  So I was scared out of my mind. Listening to 90mph winds rage outside. The house was void of electricity starting at 9am on what should have been a bright happy Friday. 
It was like something you see in a movie.

When the storm moved on to the next town, I walked upstairs and expected to see my entire house ripped apart.  But it wasn't. 

And I wasn't wearing Ruby Slippers.
I was however..wearing black sequin shorts that were now dirty from sitting on the creepy basement floor. Maybe that was my modern day Dorothy touch?

I guess I really felt my mortality in this storm.
I felt that I am not invincible.
I was at the mercy of whatever God's plan was for me that day.
And that could have been anything.
Just look at all of the natural disasters going on right now.
It seems no one is untouched.

But I really know a big reason I felt my mortality during this storm....

I recently lost a few good friends of mine to this thing called death.
Not to sound morbid or anything, but I have never really lost that many close friends to death. And in one week I found out about the death of two of my friends.

What startles me the most is how someone can be here for one minute..
and then they disappear the next.
Their body is still here.
But they aren't on this earth.
They are unable to talk to you face to face.
No more eye contact.
I can't hear the laughter.
Or receive their phone calls.
They'll never update their facebook status again.
But yet...their facebook page is still open.
A piece of history.. that proves that they were here..
The magic of modern technology is that it somehow keeps my friends alive forever.. 
by documenting the time and the date that they were still with me here on this earth.

Ten years ago now, I looked at my grandpa after he passed away.
And he looked nothing like my grandpa.
I almost didn't recognize him, the only thing that was distinct was the bump on his nose.

It is amazing how much your spirit makes up your entire physical essence.
It just shows us all how alive our spirit truly is, always.
Not just here, but when we leave here too.
I don't have all the answers, but the power of missing my friends so deeply is too incredible to not know that there is a Heaven. ♥