Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Even though I am quite girly.....

I don't scream at tiny little things I am enthusiastic about (although I think that girls that do that are really cute). 

I keep all that inside in a pretty little ball. The ball is made up of sprinkles, crumbs from my favorite cupcake, hankies from my dear grandma, teardrops I have held in, bobby pins, an internal camera, breaths that I have saved for really momentous awe inspiring occasions, a mini Eiffel Tower replica from Paris, sequins and sparkles I have left behind in many places...

If I get close enough to you, the pretty little ball releases a sparkle once in awhile.
I might have to tell you that I see a sparkle on your face. Or maybe I'll just look at it in the light and smile because I know I've really graced your presence if a sparkle has landed on your skin.

Or you might tell me that you found a bobby pin on the floor.  When you found it you remembered me putting my hair up in the bathroom.  Then you proceed to tell me that I always leave bobby pins behind~and somehow they end up on the living room floor. It is a mystery. But it makes you happy because you knew I was there.

I guess I'm not verbally loud.
My voice is actually pretty quiet.

But I will use some of those breaths I save for an amazing time laughing quite exuberantly with you.
And yeah, you should feel special.

When we go on a trip somewhere I might just get you a cheesy souvenir like the mini Eiffel Tower.
Even though the souvenir may sit in the closet, collect dust.  The best thing is that you will find the souvenir one day and all the wonderful yummy memories will come flooding back to you. You will feel warm.

My nose can get sniffly once in awhile. But there is no one other than my late grandma Fran who can hand me a hanky. So when you hand me a generic Kleenex, I tell you the story about what a vivacious and glamorous woman my grandma was.  So vivacious and glamorous that she handed me beautiful embroidered hankies to wipe my snotty nose with. 

I might ask you to go to the bakery with me to stare at all the beauty of the cupcakes. It probably will be for longer than a minute.  I love how pretty they are. I think it is because cupcakes are beautiful and miniature treasures that taste so good.  You'll appreciate sitting outside the bakery, smelling the wonderful scent of the cupcakes with me. Especially if it is sunny.

You might even get bored with the fact that I take pictures of almost everything.  You'll laugh about my scratched up camera because I have taken it everywhere with me~even as far as Hong Kong.  You'll listen to my crazy but serious daydreams of living off of all my talents, and never having to work corporate again.  Then I'd romantically escape with you to travel the world.  We'd  learn about our own lives through meeting people who have real stories to tell.  We don't even have to become famous. Just plain happy knowing there is not one thing we would ever regret.

I am not quite sure where the tears fit in.  Tears are unexpected. Is it cheesy to say that I will cry on your shoulder? I'd rather say that if we are ever close enough, I hope you still think I am pretty with all my mascara running down my face after a fierce cry.  You will definitely put up with me sometimes breathlessly bawling in the darkness of a movie theater.   However, the tears would be amazing if it was something dramatic-like my tears camouflaging themselves during a rainstorm.  Or maybe I can wear my oversized sunglasses to hide the tears.  Just like a movie star! 

I'd rather we laugh so hard that tears stream down our face.
In a library. Sssshh. Be quiet.
That would be great.

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  1. Yvonne aka Wonder WomanOctober 13, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    I loved your lost treasures found article. This reminds me of a dainty damsel that travels the world who wishes to explore new things who's got a troubled past and only the smell of sweet cupcakes can brush those sparkly tears away. And you wrote this all on my birthday, I kind of feel special even if its not about me, thank you for sharing!