Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hall Pass Schmall Pass

I saw the preview for this movie -- Hall Pass -- a few months ago in the theater and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Now it is out in the theaters and I hear people saying how funny it was.
To summarize, a wife gives her husband a "Hall Pass" defined as: a week to mess around with any woman that he wants to with no questions asked. She does this to save the "restlessness" of their marriage. Huh?

Maybe I am jaded-or taking this too seriously because I have seen too many marriages that I thought would last forever break up with infidelity as the cause. Mainly in my generation. Every time this happens to a friend..or someone that I knew I am completely devastated and it breaks my heart!

Can someone please explain to me why this movie was so attractive?

I know that one of the trends in this day and age is to daydream of a place we could never go, but want to go. Then make it happen in movies, magazines, or television, or even places (like Las Vegas, resorts, hotels, bars, etc). So is this where we want to go? A meaningless place with the lack of old hollywood romance, or class?

Movies are known to start trends. If this movie is part of the trend of it being okay for your significant other to give you a "hall pass" for a week.. what is going to happen to the next generation?'

Will marriage even exist?

Not even saying that marriage has to exist for life to be great-and if it isn't for you, then that's cool.

I am a firm believer that you only get married if you know it's going to last and if you have passion behind it.
Just like you would have passion for anything else in life-travel, your career, etc.

But what about people like my grandparents-who I look through old scrapbooks of sweet classic valentines..and know that they stayed together through thick and thin for 60 years?

Sure, maybe they flirted with other people but it was in a joking, sweet and non harmful way.

What does it say for the future generation if something as beautiful .. but serious.. as marriage is trashed publicly again and again?

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm less like Martha Stewart and more like Lucille Ball....

Right now I am sitting at home with this awful flu thing
I feel better for a few hours, and then I am down and out in bed.

When I am sick it is good time to treasure silence that isn't "allowed" in a normal 9-5 day..or 40-60 hour work week.

You know your job isn't right for you when you wish you would get sick just so you could sleep in a day!
That's what I used to wish for..and it is sad that a lot of people find themselves wishing for the same thing.

Life shouldn't be about just sitting, hoping, and waiting for some time that you can steal away for yourself.
Especially if it means that time is spent sweating, then freezing, coughing, and drugging yourself up on Theraflu!

But what I did enjoy about my flu this time..
was watching I Love Lucy.

Dan gave me the first season on DVD for Valentine's Day because I adore Lucille Ball so much.
Because I had the flu I was able to lay down in a fluffy bed and watch her black and white picture shine throughout my dimlit bedroom.

I laughed so hard..
What ever happened to actresses like Lucille Ball?
Who didn't have to wear silicone breast implants, scandalize her world with a spontaneous sex tape....or be an heir to someone famous. She was famous because she had talent, and she was a true inspiration!

Once in his life, every man is entitled to  fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.

Her petite body was covered up with polka dots, aprons or robes.
But when she revealed her hourglass tiny dancer on stage, it was like watching a beautiful peacock display their feathers..for a fleeting moment!

With the magic of an action or a word, she just made people laugh.
I am sure she made people live longer.
She had this God - given gift to make people laugh, and she shared it with everyone.

And I am thinking that she may have even helped me heal today!
So cheers to you, Lucille Ball!
Cheers to things that make me laugh...
make me feel young..
brave enough to try anything...
and very aware that imperfection can be beautiful.

“I’m not funny. What I am is brave.”
“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”

My friend Alicia dressed up as Ricky one year for Halloween..and me--as Lucy ♥