Friday, April 16, 2010

To the Ellen Degeneres Show

I just sent a request out to the Ellen Degeneres show for my parents.
I am looking for any assistance that I can to help them because they deserve it more than anyone I know.....
It would rock their world to hear from Ellen Degeneres.

This is the letter that I sent to her:

I love you! You squirted me in the eye with a water gun at Ellen in The Park 2006!
Now, meet my parents.
I fly home to visit at Christmas. This year my dad was near death. A bleeding ulcer. He lost ½ of his blood when blood clots started to spread quickly all over the inside of his body. The Dr. was “baffled”. My dad couldn’t sleep, scared that this was "the end."
After a long road, the Dr. released the blood clots through a risky procedure. My dad’s health is stronger, but mom’s is weak. She was just diagnosed w/Parkinson’s. An unexpected turn.
My parents are also struggling financially. They filed taxes, hoping for a refund when they found out they owe $10,000! My dad worked for so many yrs & just retired. He spent some of his 401K for my college! Their home needs major repairs and dad is trying to fix it himself. I can hear the tiredness in his voice. His body isn't the same anymore. My mom's voice is tired too. She is also healing from the loss of her sister Rachel to uterine cancer last August. She remembered holding her own mother’s hand in a fight to cancer. My mom also had uterine cancer.
My parents have never had a honeymoon.
They have loved me and each other with their whole being.
My dad says, “"This could be your year-only you can make it that way!"
I imagine my dad doing his woodworking; my mom enjoying her gardening & her 2 adorable grandkids! My parents have had their whole lives to worry. They deserve bliss.

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