Monday, April 19, 2010

Eczema, Jury Duty, Migraines, Breasts, Lawyers, Cupcakes

What a combination that subject line is.
But that combo is what my life is as of today.
To say it with a silver lining, my life is never ever ever boring!

I have horrible eczema on my legs. And it is so itchy that I can't control it! So it's just getting worse.
To all those with eczema here are some things that work well for me:
  • Cold washcloths or cold compress-these things stop the itching.
  • Lots of fragrance free lotion. Tons and tons of it, several times a day.
  • Airing it out. Don't let it get covered up by socks or boots. It needs air to breathe.
  • Benadryl before bed. But it does drug you up depending on how you react to drugs.
  • A nice and understanding person that loves you even though you have ugly scales all over your legs.
This is what I have figured out so far. But I am still really frustrated and I have no idea why it is randomly and suddenly happening to me.
My boyfriend always yells at me for itching. He even blamed me for itching my leg when the car was shaking on Easter Sunday. Come to find out, the car wasn't shaking because my leg was itchy. It was shaking because there was a 7.2 earthquake in Orange County!

GROSS! THIS IS MY LEG RIGHT NOW. my million dollar legs.. =(

Jury Duty:
I had it today for the first time and was selected for a court case.
I can't say much else about it since it is confidential. I can't even really express my opinion.
But I will say that once you actually GET IN THE COURTROOM, it's quite a learning experience. I am open to it. I just wish that it didn't take time away from work because I only get paid for one day.

My boyfriend. I came across a collection of photos of him on my phone while having nothing to do at jury duty today and admired how great looking he is. Check out that bone structure.
My collection of Dan below:


Ugh, you'd think that my eczema would be enough.
But I have had migraines ever since my car accident (a T-Bone incident) almost two years ago now. They pop up at very inconvenient times like this last Saturday.
And silly me went to a bowling alley with a migraine.
I was trying to get out and have some fun with friends.
That didn't work. Especially not at a bowling alley!
Sigh. The migraine is now gone. I hope it never comes back.

Still have not heard anything about my MRI results. I think that is a good sign.
Plus I am 30. So I think I am in the clear.
However last week I had a dream that I had cancer.. actually I dreamt that I had lymphoma as scary as that is. So random. I think it's because I've just had too many health issues in the past year. That and someone told me "I looked pale" which made the hypochondriac in me all paranoid that perhaps maybe I was sick with something. But it could just be from lack of sleep because of my annoying eczema.
I think I've just been through too many health ordeals in the past year so now it's blurring my health consciousness. At least I can hope-and move forward to the positive thing that I call life.
Because I do love my life. And cherish it.
I thought my girls looked exceptional in this photo with comedian Harland Williams.

Yes I started the Amanda Cupcake website. And I want to share my cupcake love with the world. But, I still need to find a commercial kitchen. I am on the lookout. I also want to experiment with new recipes every weekend.

My black mold case has just about settled. I can put that behind me.
I still cringe when I drive past that apartment complex. Ugh.
My car accident case is still up in the air but I hope that it will be settled soon.
I hear that it will. Hallelujah! Prayer. Lots and Lots of Prayer.

Xo Xo...


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