Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Blue Dress

I wore a blue dress for my breast MRI. I wanted to look pretty today.
Even if it meant I had to take my blue dress off to change into a gown.
I wanted to feel as if my breasts and I were walking the red carpet to an event that could save all three of our lives!

I have had an MRI done before on my brain.
I was really scared for the brain scan since I have heard nightmare-ish stories.
But all in all, my brain scan MRI wasn't that bad.

However, my breast MRI was so different and strange.
I had to lie face down on what looked like a "twisted" massage table.
There was a cup for each of my breasts to rest in.
IV in arm, I had to flash the nurses before laying down face first, so that they could put some kind of pink capsule on my right breast.

When I was laying down I couldn't see anything.
Headphones rested on my ears and the sound of spa music in the tiny speakers tried to make me forget the loud noises the machine made..and the reason I was here.

MRI machines make loud noises-and the noises are random.
So instead of being scared of them, being the dork that I am--I make up rap beats and lyrics in my head to what sounds like someone banging violently on the side of the machine.
This was even more interesting combined with spa music.

I felt like I was flying or floating because everything was dark, and I was laying face down up in the air inside a tube. I tried my best to ignore this, because I am afraid of heights.

When the nurse told me that the fluid from the IV would be entering my body, I freaked out a little. I really wish she would have just done it without telling me.
The second she injected me, I felt the hot fluid rush to my bladder and I thought I was peeing my pants!

18 minutes later, I was done.
She rolled me out of the machine and gradually pulled the IV out of my arm.

I asked the nurse if it was normal to feel like I peed my pants while she was injecting me.
She laughed and told me it was very common to feel it rush straight to my bladder if I had an empty stomach or a fast metabolism. I was so relieved to know that I did not pee my pants, even if it felt like it!

I was so dizzy and dazed. This MRI felt nothing like the brain scan.

The nurse told me she took 1700 photos of the inside of my breasts!
I was astounded. She took more photos of my breast than I took on my European trip to Paris and Milan.
I guess this goes to show that my breasts are truly a wondrous work of God's art.

Now on to the blue knit maxi dress.
I wore the dress to force myself to feel luxurious even though I felt the need to just throw on my pair of big ugly green sweatpants and walk out the door.
I blow dried my hair so it was wavy and not an afro puff like it could normally be. I put on make up, and wore a heart shaped necklace that Dan gave me the night before.
I gave my keys to the boys at Hoag Hospital and asked them to valet park my car.
All that was missing was the red carpet.
So many women told me how beautiful I looked--at the hospital out of all places!
Little girls stared up at my tall figure.
Wearing my blue dress helped me make it through this ordeal

I think every woman should wear a beautiful (however..comfortable) dress to their mammogram, ultrasound..or even their annual exam. (I suggest a knit maxi dress like mine)

After all, it's your chance to flaunt what you've got in a classy way..and show that you are enough of a treasure to take care of every part of your body!

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