Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Carless in Orange County.

I made a crazy decision.
Well other people think it's crazy.
I just think it's sensible.
I decided to go carless in Orange County, California.
There are a lot of things I want to do with my life.
Right now I am kind of just waiting to see how I can get there.
I need some time to think (see my previous blog).

But to EVER do what I want to do with my life..I need to be free of debt.
I am sick of having nice things but not being able to go anywhere.
I never get to go on spontaneous vacations, indulge in a random pair of designer shoes because I deserve it.

The main reason is that I am in debt-from this situation I got myself into--I lived in a $1400 apartment in the heart of beautiful Costa Mesa. I was making a $330 car payment plus paying $1300 a year for car insurance.
Not to mention paying utilities and other bills.
Because of this, I racked up quite a bit of debt.

To make up for this I am now making a sacrifice.
I am living by myself yes.. but now since I turned in my little V-Dub Beetle convertible (which some people think is funny that this was my dream car. I actually cried when I returned it and gave it a big hug this past Saturday)....
I have decided to save about $450 a month or more and use that money to pay off my debt in about a year.

Now going carless certainly affects the ego.
I never knew how much it would.
Especially in Orange County where most people look at their car as part of their skin.
When I tell people I am going carless, most of the time they respond in the same way. They ask me when I am getting a car and how in the world do I plan on getting anywhere?!?!

Well, I have done a lot of nice things for other people.
Now I am going to hope and pray that the universe will return a little nice-ness to me because this sacrifice is for the greater good of my life and God's will for me here on the earth.

Because I am doing this I could become a millionaire someday :)
Or I'd be happy just being financially sound.

So now I am relying on other people to pick me up and give me rides.
Yes I will pay them for gas. And if they drive me around a lot of places often, I will also pay them for wear and tear.

I don't know if I will do this for the entire year that I am trying to get out of debt. But so far this is my plan.

I am already starting to go a little crazy-but mostly it's just my ego getting in the way.

I figure I'll just take this a step at a time. I'm saving my wallet, my debt, and helping the environment. Sweet.

And in the end..I'll be able to do just about anything that life calls me to do if I am free of this burden.

Look at me like I'm crazy..yeah..
but in about a year from now I will be 31--and if I want to buy that pair of indulgent designer shoes I will be able to and yep, I'll deserve it!

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