Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Favorite Things. (Move over Oprah..here comes Amanda!!)

greenjem's wishlist

I found this new fun website for a shopaholic like me. It's called thisnext.com. (And nope I am not getting paid for this). I fell in love with this website on a Sunday afternoon.
I can shop for things I dream of owning and make wish lists or recommend things I already own to shoppers like me.
I always create wish lists and send them to my friends.
It's like daydreaming about a wedding shower.. without the wedding.
And this way it's not a mystery if someone wants to buy me a little (or a big) gift. Hint Hint ;)

I've found everything here. From salt & pepper shakers (which I collect) to shelving.. to DDR and a Playstation 2! And of course.. tons of fun culinary kitchen-esque stuff!!

Putting together a list like this really helps me plan for the things that matter to me. Whether they are fun and little wants..or things I truly need.
It's like a cyber vision board.

I guarantee this site is addictive.
Its like a Target Ikea Urban Outfitters NY LA Vancouver Seattle Williams Sonoma all in one place.
Can you tell I am smitten??!!!!

Just click on one of the images above to visit the site. The images here are just a few of my 127 favorite things. Oh and I am sure I will find more!
The images will take you to the site where you can go on your own shopping voyage.. or you can check out the rest of my wish list.
I have to say it's all interesting. :)

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