Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amen to that!

This last weekend was a blur. I went through it like I was in a dream.
I spent a lot of time with a certain boy whose company I really enjoy lately.
I enjoyed yogurtland.
I slept in.

I sang for the first time ever on the stage with the Saddleback Church Worship Choir for Rick Warren's services. It was one of the most inspiring things I've ever done with my life.

The thing about standing up there is that I can see everyone in the audience.
As I sing I pull the energy from the crowd-the good, the bad, the pain I see in the eyes of the people. I take in the energy, blend it all up inside my heart and throw it back out there as God's powerful love through my smile, dance, and voice.

I can feel God radiating through my being and I can't stop myself from reaching my hands up to him, to praise him. I let go..and as I let go I feel myself connect with God and everyone in the room.
It is the craziest tingly feeling-better than an adrenaline rush. This has more substance because it is something more powerful than just a physical body.
It is God working through a gift he has given me.

I feel even better when I know my friends are in the audience. I was really flattered that people wanted to come watch the choir perform. In fact one of my friends came to two services. It made me feel really supported and special. Most importantly I was happy to share this passion with them.

My friend came to see me this weekend and she took some photos.
They are really fuzzy and blurry.
I am the girl in the back wearing blue.
How exciting.
My goal is to one day sing a solo up there. I have a feeling it will happen.

Being part of the choir is beautiful though. I stood next to the tenors and as I heard our separate parts harmonizing, blending beautifully together I imagined that this must be a little piece of what Heaven could be like.

My next performance is Easter weekend.. and all the services play live on Saddleback Church's website. So perhaps...I can even share this amazing experience with my friends from afar. I'd love to hear from anyone who gets the chance to watch.

Photos from the experience. Find me. The Blurry Girl on the top row in the Blue.






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  1. Wow girl that's so awesome I really wish I could be there to hear the singing worship I miss Faith Community's style of church and I still haven't found that up here yet, but I have a few church's to check out yet. Keep up the great work and I just know you will have that solo soon enough with your angelic voice I am sure you send shivers down peoples skin and touch their heart through God's praise!! You should post a link to your church on here so I can watch the live link sometime and maybe catch ya on :) I hope all is well and keep on keeping on girly!! Loves ya!! XoXo!!