Monday, April 18, 2011

A curly haired girl who wants to change the world...

I am really really tempted to write a children's book about my adventures delivering cupcakes!
It seems that every time I take on a new cupcake venture, something happens-to try to get in my way.
And I have to think critically and creatively to find a way to make it work.
I am not sure if this is a good-or a bad sign?
It kind of scares me.
But if you don't do something that scares you..well won't get anywhere, right?

And I really think it would be fun to stretch the stories a little..make them less serious, more youthful & playful..cartoony. About a curly haired girl who wants to change the world with her cupcakes.
But she always meets some kind of challenge along the way.
I can see it now, and I think it would be great.
I am hoping that this can be a reality one day.

But for latest and greatest cupcake adventure. We'll start there.
This may not be the child's version-I haven't gotten there yet.
But let's consider it my first draft.
And yes, only *one* of my many cupcake delivery dilemmas.

It was a snowy blustery APRIL day. Yes I said snow and April in the same sentence.
But no mean cold shiver or wet snowflake would stop me.  I had cupcakes to share with the world.
Inside of a cute little egg carton were mini sparkly moonbeam cupcakes made of chocolate, caramel, glittery butterflies, and peanut butter. The cupcakes begged for attention and love.  If my cupcakes could talk, they would say one of their favorite places were the chin.  Where edible sparkles are often left..even on men. Which to me, actually makes men more attractive. ("He" ate one of my cupcakes and now he has a sparkle on his chin, how cute. It has happened more than once).  My cupcakes would also say that another favorite place would be warm tummies, because they are cozy and always welcoming.

One of my stops was a local restaurant.  My friend from high school agreed to sell them for half price.
And I was happy with that. It promoted my cupcakes, and even if I got 75 cents out of least it was a step up from where I was with my cupcake journey a year ago.

While I was at this restaurant, a boy came up to me.
He argued with me that $1.50 was way too much to charge for a cupcake, and asked me if I had done my research on the cost of cupcakes.  If he only knew.  I had just moved back to the Midwest from one of the epitomes of cupcakes-California.  Where the cost of a single cupcake (not even that fancily decorated) is $3-$5.00.  I swallowed my pride, looked out the window to see the snow falling down and remembered I was back in Wisconsin.  I told him that it would be well worth his time to pay the $1.50 and eat the cupcake. It took him awhile, but he did. And he paid me with a fresh $1 bill and two quarters.  He also took the time to tell me how amazing the cupcake was. This is when I noticed a tattoo on his neck spelling something out in a different language.  I shivered in slight disgust because I hate it when people tattoo their necks.  But whatever, he ate my cupcake, and he loved it.

Like a flash, he was out the door with a friend of his (His friend is like a blur to me-I can't even remember what he looks like because they sped out of the restaurant so fast).

I never would have even imagined what would happen next.
The owner of the restaurant started yelling and staring out the window at the two boys who had just taken off. 

I guess this shady boy who argued with me about my cupcakes was using me and my innocent little cupcakes as a distraction so his friend could steal money from this gambling machine in the restaurant!

Fortunately my friend was able to get the license plate# of the two cupcake mobsters, so they are probably busted big time by this point.

I sank into my chair and wanted to hide.  I felt pretty bad that my cupcakes were so used and abused while my friend's restaurant was being robbed!!!!

At the same time, it was sort of funny that one of them took the time to pay me $1.50, eat my cupcake for a moment, and tell me how great it was before running out the door.

My poor little cupcake probably didn't settle too well in that boy's stomach. . . .

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