Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year.

To me, everyday is a new opportunity.
Just because the clock at midnight changed our year to 2011 in our own human minds, doesn't mean much to me. Those are all just numbers, made up to organize the time we have here on earth.
And I guess this organization of a "New Year" helps most of us "start over" again--a fresh, clean slate.

But this New Year I was completely blank on resolutions.
So many times I have made a New Years resolution, but I overwhelmed myself because then there was *pressure* to make it happen. And if it didn't happen, was I a failure? Was it just not meant to be? Could I have tried harder?

Upon the waking hour of each day, I am going to treasure the waking hour where I enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation overwhelming my body..from head to toe.  The room is still dimly lit, air quiet, and my blanket extra warm.  This is the tingly comforting sensation I feel upon meditation at the end of yoga classes.  Sleep is healing, and sleep brings you a new day.

Even if I feel lonely in this silence, I need to remember that the rest of the world is rushing rushing so quickly around me that perhaps they are just too busy with their own life to stop and say hello.
I can learn to be okay with that, and know that there is a beautiful plan for my life.. or I wouldn't be here.
I need to stop rushing so quickly. 

Just take by day.
Not year by year.
day by day.

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