Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Your Hair Down!

Shouting a Heyyyyy! for wild hair!

Half Crimp It Half Curl it.
Leave your bedhead in all day long.
Add sparkly extensions.
Ringlet It.
Wig Out.
Twirl it.
Rat it.
Spray it.
Animal Print it.
Barbarella it.
Paint it.
Bedazzle it.
Bulletproof it La Roux style.
Go Platinum (I have and it was so fun!)
Let it down.
Ride a convertible and let it blow in the wind.
Whip your Hair Back and Forth Willow Smith style.
Shave it all off and start again.
Tousle it because you're sexy.
...and if you're going anywhere, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

I'd rather wear jewels in my hair than anywhere else.
The face should have the advantage of this brilliance.
-Hedy Lamarr

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