Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moving On.

Life has felt like it is on pause for a long time.
I keep waiting for God to tell me what he wants me to do next, but he keeps pressing the pause button.

I accidentally stumbled upon my blog from a few years back..when I was in college.

In this blog I quoted myself as Laid Back, Relaxed, Imaginative.
In the randomly placed photos of my life, my skin lacked the few lines that it has gained in the past few years. My eyes were wide open instead of sleepy. I smiled genuinely.
I had goals, and I was going to get them.

Where is that girl?
I want to find her again.

The girl that wants to travel the world..
give water to those who need it.
hold baby orphans because they can't live without love.
travel the world for its amazing shopping opportunities, food, trends and new friends.
make at least one person in the room smile.

I yearn to find my inner girl again.
The one who is wide awake and ready to conquer.
Who has faith she can do anything.

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