Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Years Ago, I Left California for Wisconsin♥

I moved back to Wisconsin from California exactly 2 years ago today and I had no idea where my life was headed, I was ready to re-invent myself. 

If I would have looked through a glass ball and gazed at where I am now, I never would have believed it.

But I would never change a thing. I have more true, genuine peace & joy in my heart than I've ever had before. I love the people in my life, and the people I continue to meet.

I'm single and for once I am okay with being that.  This leaves room for the right guy instead of "Mister Right Now".  I am honestly excited that the opportunity of falling madly in love with someone new and wonderful and *healthy* for me in my future still lies before me. (Because that's the only kind of man I'll let in from this day forward). ♥

I may not be rich financially (yet..).. but I am rich with love from my family, and the friends I have met. Especially in the last year.

I'm about to move into a 2 story farmhouse. Just me! In the middle of the country. Shiny new bamboo floors not walked upon by my bare feet yet.  Two kitchens, sparkly breakfast at tiffany blue walls, and a hand-painted mural on the wall!  I'm about to share this place with people who want to eat my cupcake creations.  I'm ecstatic, proud, and scared to death! ♥ Story here.

(source of this art: betterforthechange)

So many people have their "backup". You know-the husband, the boyfriend, the second job perhaps?   I've got complete faith as my back-up.   Just like I had complete faith when I moved back home a few years ago.

I just think it's funny that two years ago I was making a huge leap, I was blinded by my next step.

Now I'm here again. ♥ I am so excited to meet my next two years. Not just my next two years of cupcakes..but the next two years of *my life*.

This is my vision of it all♥ It'd be great if it really happens this way:

I think I might try my best to paint my bedroom this way ♥
 when i believe this, he will find me and never let go♥
but I can't lie, seeing this laying on my couch would be a dream. (especially if it really were James Franco)!
dinner parties at my home with friends ☻
somehow i want this to be me! sharing my cupcakes with ellen degeneres and nicki minaj. (I dream big).
Lucille Ball is my role model ♥
an amanda cupcake mobile ♥
(art by brian theis of madison, wi)
I will go on vacation♥
 I'll stay true to this woman♥
(the authentic me).
♥ this was a fortune I got a few months ago at a restaurant called Chef Chu's.  Sweet. 

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