Sunday, May 15, 2011

If the world ended in a week, what would I do?

I was just watching the news and it spooked me a little bit.
There were these long faced men saying that the world is going to end this next Saturday May 21st.
That is why I hate the news. It is always negative and depressing.
I refuse to watch it in the morning, and start my day that way.

I am not ready for the world to end! I am 31 years old, and I haven't even crossed half the things off on my bucket list.
If I really *knew* for sure that the world was going to end in exactly one week, what would I do..or to make it even more broad..what WOULD I have done?

If the world doesn't end in a week, this might inspire & remind me that I need to stop waiting to live..and LIVE. ♥ Right now.

I would finger wave my hair Reese Witherspoon style (aka Water for Elephants)
and befriend a sweet & beautiful elephant. I love that they are such giant animals but are so gentle and intelligent.

Take a couple of months off of my life,
visit my friend in Switzerland, and travel to the neighboring countries/cities.

I have always dreamed of having a beautiful home
A lot of really fun and fabulous friends
None of us would be too busy to have dinner parties together.
Breakfast for Dinner.  Candy for dinner. Cupcakes for dinner. Ice Cream for dinner.
And the table would always look beautiful,whimsical..
Guests could even arrive in costumes or wigs.

I've always wanted to help OPI come up with new nail polish colors. ♥

Or just have one of those random days of love I used to share
doing almost nothing but loving it. I don't think I've had one
of those since I was like...19.  But maybe that is what young
love is about?  Magical days together with no worries in your mind.

Like this: 

I would finally let go.
And just be the Amanda that I've always wanted to be.
Hmm.. isn't that why I am creating this list?

I'd dress up like Cher for Halloween.
I keep saying I am going to but never do.
But I wouldn't be the cheap costume store looking Cher.
People would think I was the real thing.

I would fly to New York just to eat a sundae at Serendipity.

I want to spend time with a child...
it doesn't even have to be my own.
My niece & nephew are fun.
But I'd love to cuddle an orphan..
this is actually one of my biggest dreams ever.

I believe that we need love to survive.
And everyone deserves to be loved.

I really want to take a beach vacation.
I have never been on a tropical vaca.
I am talking Tahiti.. Fiji...Hawaii.
Cocktail in my hand
Sand is too hot under my feet
but I don't care.

Wear high heels almost everyday.
No matter what I am doing.
It looks pretty.
I have kind of forgotten about that since I live in Wisconsin.
It is much easier to slip on the Uggs or flats.
But my legs look much prettier in heels.

Side by side with my cupcake business..write a children's book. ♥
I have ideas.
I just don't know where to begin.

and this goes for my dad too ♥
 if the world was ending in a week, I would show everyone as much love as I could possibly generate.

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  1. Love the story and picture story too!!! Xo