Saturday, February 14, 2009

Edible Art.

Yes, I do work for Billabong in their Design Department.
And I do sing-anywhere and everywhere.
I take random photos of anything that inspires me.
I photograph my feet in foreign lands.
I go to church on Sunday mornings.
I am somewhat of a masochist because I enjoy getting my mMhm kicked at the gym.
I've tried surfing once but want to dance with mother nature more often.
All the Billabong D Cup swimwear is literally formed after my body and sold at several retailers. (Sometimes I still think that is really strange.. especially since it sells really well!?!)

Randomly thrown in there.......I decorate cupcakes.

Today someone called me DJ Toll House.
I've also heard that I am Martha Stewart's alter ego. (I am kind of the scatterbrained rebellious Martha). I create edible art, no rules needed. How great would it be if there were a museum full of amazing art...that you could eat from? Kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but much happier and a little less twisted?

My cupcakes tell a story about the person I give them to. For example, my friend Aaron Zepplin (who I nickname "Zep") loves Jelly Belly cupcakes. I make mosaic cupcakes that resemble the Watts Towers out of jelly bellies for him. I call these cupcakes "Zepplin." What I love about cupcakes the most is the delight people get out of receiving them. I am addicted to sharing the love and great joy. One day I dream of owning a stainless steel kitchen so that I can create cakes for events, or even to sell them to retailers like Starbucks or local bakeries. I would love to send some cupcakes to our new president Obama. Someday it will happen. For now my cupcakes are free, and I share them with everyone that crosses my path.

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